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What is TrackBond50™?


The most common asphalt pavement problems can be categorized into problems caused by accidents or pavement failure. Vehicle accidents generally gouge the pavement or remove a segment of the surface. These can be rapidly repaired using our leading-edge polymer, cement and epoxy coating. Depending on the temperature, the repair can be completed and vehicle ready in a fraction of the time and more cost effective compared to standard asphalt patching.

Trackbond 50 has been effective in preventing and/or correcting the second category of pavement failure. These types of failures are caused by petroleum spills, low density pavement, ravelling of longitudinal joints, or asphalt cement failure due to oxidation and ageing.


Trackbond 50 has been proven to work with great success on race-tracks like Daytona International Speedway and GC600, Gold Coast events.


Why TrackBond50™?



  • CEMENTITIOUS COATING – Tough and durable for demanding race track application. Will not soften at elevated temperatures

  • ACRYLIC & POLYMER EQUIPT – UV stabile with no colour change or deterioration when exposed to UV sunlight

  • TIGHT FILM FORMATION – Fuel and oil resistant, preventing pavement deterioration in cases of short term oil spills.

  • EXCELLENT BALANCE OF HADNESS & FLEXIBILITY – Will not crack when installed on asphalt substrate.


  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Fully recyclable waterborne coating


Cost Effective

  • Long Lasting TrackBond™ will not peel or delaminate and is colour stable. Used in conjunction with StreetBond™, there will be virtually no maintenance liabilities.

  • Simple Installation TrackBond™ is simple to install, efficiently minimizing traffic and community disruption.


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