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What is StreetPrint™?


StreetPrint™ is the most innovative decorative paving system developed in the last 30 years. It is a patented proprietary technology and application process that produces realistic brick, slate, stone and other effects on an asphalt base.


StreetPrint™ combines the flexibility and strength of the asphalt base with leading edge surfacing technologies. This results in a cost effective and durable surface with low maintenance requirements, long lasting colour, and chemical resistance.


From the unique heating equipment to the specialised coatings, our components are designed to work together to provide a superior surfacing system. StreetPrint™ provides unlimited creative freedom for Hardscape and streetscape projects, and at a cost advantage over alternatives like brick or stone.


StreetPrint™ Key Benefits


Proven technology 

StreetPrint™ has been proven in the field and laboratory. It has been laid in all kinds of applications and conditions throughout the world since 1993 with outstanding results. Specially designed testing facilities are used to monitor ongoing material quality through accelerated life testing under extreme weather and traffic conditions.


Decorative appeal

A wide range of standard and customised patterns and colours can be combined to create unique and eye-catching designs. 


StreetPrint benefits

Around the world, we have found that there are several important features which have resulted in StreetPrint™’s success. The following are some of the features and benefits of StreetPrint™.


Flexible pavement

StreetPrint™ is a flexible pavement, which makes it resistant to cracking and eliminates the need for expansion joints compared with imprinted Portland cement concrete.


Continuous surface

StreetPrint™ is a continuous, waterproof surface which resists weed growth and inhibits the migration of water to the base thereby reducing the possibility of base failures due to erosion or freeze-thaw cycles. StreetBond™ also reduces the effects of weathering from water, freeze-thaw cycles, and the sun (ultraviolet exposure).


Easy maintenance

StreetPrint™ is easily repairable and has low maintenance costs.


Salt resistance

StreetPrint™ does not react to salt used for de-icing or from salt air in coastal climates. Portland cement concrete products including cement bricks can spall and degrade through the reaction of the cement with salt.


Quick installation

StreetPrint™ can be installed very quickly (as much as 10 times faster than cement bricks) resulting in much less disruption to traffic.


Elaborate decorative patterns

StreetPrint™ makes it practical to create embossed artwork in the surface. This can be done quickly and easily and creates a whole new opportunity for decorative road designers.


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