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Brick N Pave have been industry leaders in the field of commercial coating systems, including colour and textured pavements, in Australia for over 15 years; utilising internationally recognised StreetPrint and StreetBond coating systems as our product of choice.


Installing on average over 65,000m2 of pavement coatings annually makes Brick N Pave Australia’s largest coloured surfacing company.


Key personnel have been sourced and trained to form the backbone of our workforce, allowing Brick N Pave to sustain our high quality standards in skilled workmanship and professionalism, and to uphold our unwavering dedication and commitment to client satisfaction as our priority goal.












Brick N Pave are the licenced installer of StreetBond & StreetPrint coating systems throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Brick N Pave currently utilise 5 full- time crews, all trained under licensed StreetPrint training programs. Drawing on additional staff from our interstate and regional offices gives Brick N Pave the capacity to meet tight deadlines and complete large scale projects.

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