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If you are looking for sports surfaces that provide you with the ultimate performance experience, especially tennis court surfaces, we have the solution that you are seeking. Our sports court coating provides for safe play, durability, and reliability, as well as being easy to maintain and repair. Here at Brick N Pave, we will provide a top-quality finish coating for your domestic or commercial sports surface.

Advanced sports court coating

Our experienced team of paving and coating specialists uses an internationally recognised, advanced coating system for asphalt and concrete surfaces that are colourfast and do not peel or delaminate. Our range of products has coating and painting solutions for all kinds of sports surfaces including tennis courts, basketball courts and netball court surfaces, which will help enhance both their durability and their aesthetic appeal.

Multi court surfaces

We have an extensive range of colours that you can select from and create an effective visual multi court surface that will be both functional and effective. At Brick N Pave, we ensure supreme quality at affordable prices.


Whether you are thinking of installing a sports surface at home or commercially, talk to one of the helpful and friendly team here at Brick N Pave, and we will provide you with a sports surface that will meet your demands.

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