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What is SAR?


SAR stands for Seamless Asphalt Repairs. Using our unique SR60 infrared asphalt reheat machine, Brick N Pave have the capability to reheat and repair any asphalt defects, including water ponding, and boney pavements. This methodology is perfect for achieving a seamless repair for any areas where a join is unsightly or defected.

The SR60 employs a reciprocating heater bed that allows the use of efficient, high intensity true IR stainless steel
alloy haters. Using a ‘heatsoak’ system, the asphalt is heated through, allowing the asphalt to retain the majority
of oils. The heat soak ability of the SR60 allows the operator to heat the asphalt to the maximum recommended
temperature, and hold it there, allowing the heat to penetrate more deeply without burning.

If you are an asphalt company or a civil contractor looking to avoid costly profiling and re-laying, or unsightly
cold seam joints consider the seamless reheat method - a quick and inexpensive method to achieving the perfect

Seamless Repairs are also great for sports court surfacing, car parks, water damage, preparing cold joins, and
poor mix quality rectifications.

Brick N Pave will supply an operator, the machine, the LP Gas, SWMS, and Plant Risk Assessment.

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