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What is DuraShield?


DuraShield is a specialty asphalt sealer coating for driveways and commercial parking lots, formulated using high quality acrylic polymer technology, designed to enhance the appearance of asphalt surfaces and to protect the asphalt from degradation due to oxidation from exposure to UV rays and water.


Why DuraShield?

Asphalt coating DuraShield contains 100% acrylic polymer as opposed to traditional seal coat products, which are mostly asphalt cement. Therefore, the wear properties of asphalt coating DuraShield are far superior to these traditional asphalt emulsion seal coat products. The greatest improvement in wear occurs during wet exposures where typically, most coating loss occurs. DuraShield also retains its durability properties over time, even when exposed to weather. DuraShield resists wear yet remains flexible to move with an asphalt substrate without cracking. In addition to protecting the asphalt substrate and providing positive aesthetic appearance, DuraShield covers minor surface cracks and imperfections.

• Flexable and Durable

• Environmentally Responsible

• Chemical Resistant

• Colour/UV Stable

• Skid Resistant

• Hides Minor Cracks and Imperfections

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