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What is RockPave™?


RockPave™ Permeable Paving is a smart range of floor and pavement systems inspired by the warmth and beauty of natural stone and the vibrant colours of recycled glass.


The comprehensive range of decorative stones and tumbled glass available in a variety of sizes and colours offer a stunning alternative to traditional surfacing mediums. Customised Designs and glass highlights can also be incorporated to create unique outcomes.


And uniquely formulated resins bind and protect the stones and glass for a super tough finish with the optimum clarity, gloss and UV stability which will last for years.


RockPave™ Architectural Products


These products use decorative rocks and glass highlights. They encapsulate the aggregates or glass in resin (they are resin bound). Because the resin is exposed, specially formulated, a high UV stable resin is required and used.


SuperStone™ - is used for exterior applications and is intended for light to medium traffic. SuperStone™ uses a highly UV resist resin with optimal flexibility to withstand external elements. SuperStone™ is formulated to use a mixture of aggregate sizes for structural strength. Typical laid depth is 15 - 20 mm


StoneCarpet™ - is used for interior applications. StoneCarpet™ is typically laid in a graded aggregate such as a 4-6 mm size and to a depth of 8-12 mm (for light traffic). StoneCarpet resin has high flexibility to allow for expansion and contraction associated with interior surfaces. Installation over timber floors must be prepared as for tiling i.e. sealed and cement sheet


CrystalPave™ - uses glass as a decorative highlighting treatment for interior or exterior applications. Appropriate resins and material mixes are used as per the requirements of the application


FlowStone™ - is a high porosity system using larger aggregate, and UV stable resin, to allow water drainage. It is designed for tree pits and wherever a permeable solution is required.

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